April 1st, 2006


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I just read the most effective comment on feedback to fics that I've found anywhere. You can read the whole thing here if you're friended.

(ETA: Several people have commented that they aren't sure of the context of this. It's not really specific to any one post or argument, but rather that many people have been told or 'made aware' that one should not actively seek feedback; that to do so is somehow 'gross' or 'demeaning' or implies that the author thinks (s)he is more deserving than what (s)he is getting. The specific claim of those who hold this opinion is that a writer should write solely because they are compelled to write, that desiring feedback makes you a 'needy' and therefore undesirable person.
geniusartist was feeling put out by this attitude, and I regularly do also.)

(Because the original entry is friends-locked, I'm not putting the names of the author and commenters. Which hurts me. Some of them are well known. If I get permission, I will add them. ETA: Permission granted from author.)

geniousartist wrote in her LJ on March 30:
... let's just put feedback in a grander scheme: A lot of us were troubled and disappointed when Brokeback Mountain didn't win the Oscar. Now, do any of us believe that Ang Lee, the cast, the writers, the production crew, etc. -- do any of us believe that they did what they did to create that film just so it can win the "Best Picture" Oscar? Do any of us believe that Peter Jackson, the LOTR actors, WETA, and all others involved in the LOTR films believe that they did what they did for the recognition? AND do any of us really believe that these wonderful artists were ignorant of the possibility that their films might be contenders for awards even as they were working on them? But did the latter inspire the former? Me, personally, I like to think: NO. Putting that aside, didn't we all want to see the LOTR films recognized at the Oscars (feedback) and BBM receive "Best Picture" (feedback)? Don't we think that many, if not most, of the artists involved in those films desired "feedback" in the form of awards recognition? Should we, then, throw stones at them if they did?

Some comments made to this post:

- There's just something special in a comment that lets you know you've made a connection with someone else through your story, and the comment lets it become a mutual exchange. - aprilkat

- I write for myself, but I post to get feedback, so my reaction is totally justified. - feelforfaith (who points out that she is not the first to say that.)

- And to hell with anyone who has a problem with it. They're just kidding themselves or just basically insufferably pompous. - chickenlegs_11

- I think writing a story, posting a story to an archive and sharing a story in lj are three completely different actions and are done for three completely different reasons. Confusing the reasons leads to chaos in your soul. Writing a story should be a compulsion, placing a story in an archive commits it to the ages and sharing a story in your lj should be a rejoicing among friends. - slipperieslope

- Orange - I have an idea. I dwell on the idea. I write down the idea.
Apple - Someone tells me it's really good. Someone else says it has moved them. Five people just say they've read it (must have been something good about it).
Pear - I'm motivated to post more. - mother2012
CartoonLij - Fem suit

Ivory-billed Woodpecker

In other news:

Just got a letter from the Nature Conservancy. A species thought to be extinct for 50 years is back. Part of the letter:

Ivory-billed woodpeckers are big birds (three-foot wing spans!) that need a lot of space to survive. Best estimates are that one pair of ivory-bills needs about six square miles of forest to survive - that's 36 times as much territory as the pileated woodpecker (the bird it most closely resembles).

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