April 20th, 2006



Oh, yeah. The walltrim paper around the top of the bathroom walls. I had done half of it - now it's finished.

I'm going to stop on the bathroom for now. Except for putting up the mirror on the door, which I will buy tomorrow, all of the projects started are finished.

Except the window.

See, when they put up the wallboard in there, they did a lousy job of matching it around the window frame. So I plastered and plastered, and it's still nowhere near done. So I had given up on it in favor of getting everything else done.

Another thing wrong with it was that the window trim - the slender pieces that fit in the corners between the window and the frame, was too wide and stuck up beyond the wall. Try plastering that smooth!

So I have decided to remove that trim - which has old, chipped paint on it anyway and replace it; then finish plastering. Then it needs to be sanded, then painted to match the rest of the wall. THEN put the decorative trim around the edge. Which thankfully is all ready to go, or it's quite possible that it would never happen.


There are still holes in the wall and floor around the tub. I don't even want to think about what needs to be done to them! (Floor supports, wall supports (carpentry), more plastering, painting ...)

AND we need to put up a shower. Those metal bar thingys that you hang a shower curtain around in a circle on. They cost nearly $300. That'll be a while.

And besides all that, there are the plumbing pipes for the attic that run across the bathroom ceiling. They need to be boxed in ...

I'm not doing any of that anymore for a long time.

The rest of this week, I'm going to concentrate on my gardening and planters.
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I am frustrated to find that I haven't read my friends' list in three days. Nor is it going to happen now. I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, even though it isn't yet 10:00.

Something's got to give, and I'm not sure what. I want to update more often. I want to write. I want to garden. I've *got* to build, plaster, and paint. And people around me seem to think I should wash clothes and dishes, make food and go shopping.


So if you've noticed that I haven't commented as often on your posts (but who notices that kind of thing?) then you're right. I haven't.

How much time do *you* take, I wonder, for reading the flist, updating, and writing? I'm really curious how we all compare in that way.