April 21st, 2006

Elijah - SNL - Sing

LJ v Time

Oh my! I guess it is an issue for everyone.

My mother used to say, "If you want something done, ask a busy person." I guess, from your replies as well as stuff I've gathered from daily reading, LJ people are, in general, busy people. We may hold jobs, but whether we do or not, we aren't happy unless something is happening! Some, like noipeh (and me, I guess), would have a full life just with their families, but go out of their way to bring in more, by doing things such as being in plays. And LJ. Others take up what is too much spare time by being here.

And all of us, besides wanting more of Life to come into our lives, want to express our reactions to it, join into the creative flow, in information or imagination.


It's a wonderful world we have here. I truly wish I had *much* more time for it.

Forgive me for not replying to each of you individually. Today I must:

- Go nearly 50 miles (round trip) to pay a gas deposit. (They require that with bankruptcy, even if you're not behind on your bills.)
- Find out about the electricity deposit. (Same story.)
- Deposit check back from a bankruptcy holding thing (long story) and use it to pay the back city taxes.
- Put in at least an hour at Habitat for Humanity's local store. (Just started doing that. It gives me first crack at some stuff coming in, and a slight discount.) (And see 'sharing', above.
- Work on the new website Daughterly is building for me. She seems to think I should have some input in that!
- Do the dishes, straighten up the stacks falling over in the bedroom, fix dinner, watch American Idol. (Oh, the unbearable mundaneness of it!)
- Finish figuring out what money is where, so I know whether I can go spend some more.
- Tar the planter box and line it with tarpaper. Paint it and start filling it with gravel, topsoil, etc. Build the other planter box... Oh, I guess I won't get *all* of that done today.

* Well, I've made the gas deposit. I opted for walking rather than driving, going to the place downtown (where there's no parking). So I have added 40 minutes of walking to my accomplishments today. (That's a whole 4 city blocks.) I took the rail back.

Time, no time, anytime

I don't know. I really don't. Everything takes so much time. I think I'm slower than other people. You all think I'm so versatile; maybe the tradeoff is not to do anything really well. I mean, how many of you would have an entire day taken up by paying a utility deposit? That's the only thing I accomplished today. (Normal stuff, like doing dishes, laundry, running errands, etc. doesn't get classed as 'accomplishment'.)

In any case, one decision is that I'm not going to try to continue with writing for awhile. I don't know whether anyone is actually looking forward to more Pursuit of Happiness, but it seems ridiculous to post one chapter every two months. I may continue with it privately, as time permits, but won't post any until I have many new chapters written and ready to go.

In spite of this, I WILL go to the local SciFi Con tomorrow. I've meant to go for years. I've made it twice out of the last 18. Surely I can spend One Day on it.

So anyhow, I am spending My Friday Evening trying to catch up with my flist.