April 28th, 2006


Sign a card for Billy

Between mews1945 and noipeh, I had a Wonderful Thought. *headesk* Should have been obvious.

At SFX, I will be a volunteer (if everything goes according to plan). That gives me some leeway. Also, SFX is *much* smaller than ORC and, I assume, ELF. There are 300 people max in the room.

So. I will give him a card. The card will say something like how glad we are that he will get to experience the joys of parenthood. Other suggestions welcome.

So I need to get a card and send it around for signatures. Sign up here, then send me an e-mail (at TaroDragon at aol.com) with your address. Also, send an icon-sized pic to include with your signature. Do that before the end of May, so that I can print the pics on the card before sending it around for signatures. It can be a pic of Billy, a pic of the hobbits, a tasteful manip, a pic of you, perhaps a manip of you and Billy together - whatever you want to be with your signature.

Repost if you want, to give others the opportunity to be included.

ETA:The card will be sent to you by someone else on the list. If you can't give out your address that way, let me know. Perhaps there is someone on the list that you would trust with it; or perhaps we'll just use your e-mailed pic.

Please use the words 'Billy card' in the subject line.