June 6th, 2006


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I got a lot done yesterday. I bought some 2x4's and put the top trim around one of the planter boxes. I really should post some pictures, but it requires borrowing Mary's camera. I can only do that when we're both up and doing things. Last time I took it while she was asleep and forgot to get it right back and she about had a heart attack over it. So I will *not* do that again.

Anyhow, today I finished the other box, enough to get it set up to be tarred. Then we can fill them with dirt and do some more planting. It's late for it, but I still want carrots, damn it!

The peas are doing well - about 10" tall. Time will tell whether they are in time to actually produce peas.

And I sprayed insect poison on the roses, trimmed the forsythia (a never ending task) and got a trellis for the roses to climb on. That too needs a picture.

Also between today and yesterday, I discovered that there was something majorly wrong with my H: drive. The one with all the graphics on it. All the pics and videos. Of Elijah. You know. Incidentally, also the one with all of Raederle's school newspaper articles. (Her school publishes one paper at the end of each year. This task is usually done by two teachers and six students. This year it was Raederle and one teacher.) So we were both in a panic. I tried to do something with Partition Magic, the process failed, and suddenly I couldn't access the drive. PM fixed it, I moved everything off it onto other drives, deleted the drive, and then rebuilt it. Raederle got her papers in to the teacher.

I suspect that is why I was having so much trouble with the computer shutting down. At least, I hope that was why.

So whence comes the sudden energy, with cracked rib? The rib is a whole lot better. I began to notice that late Sunday, but yesterday I kept forgetting to remember it. (Oh yeah, oops, still can't pick things up off the floor!)

I think it's a couple of things. Mary and Raederle have been putting tremendous energy into sending me healing, especially on Sunday. And Monday I was wearing a rose quartz. I've frequently noticed that rose quartz will give me energy, but not always. Anyway I hadn't used it in a very long time.

Anyway, life goes on around here.

Now if I can just figure out why I'm not getting sound on this thing ...