September 24th, 2006


(no subject)

I was right.

Have you ever noticed how often you *don't* really want to be right?

Tre's aunt, she who is probably the executrix of her brother's will, has been playing kind of fast and loose with the money that was supposed to go to Travanti. Or at least so it appears. She still hasn't been exactly forthcoming with real information even though directly confronted; but she said something like, "I definitely will pay the first semester tuition. Just send me the bill. How much money is there exactly? Well, so-and-so has been ill, and I had to do such-and-such ..."

I suspect she just kind of said to herself, "Travanti's never going to college, so I don't need to worry about it."

Grandmother Elizabeth advises, "Send her the bill and don't push her." Which says to me, "Get this money out of her first, then worry about it." Have to agree with that wisdom.

Meantime, about the apartment? Well, Tre's father has his own construction business. We went over to his house last night to get his tax return. The amount of income listed on line 1? Less than $7000. That's not going to cut it, thanks anyway. He *says* that's the revised return, that the first one he filed lists about $34,000, which he was going to bring over today. Haven't seen it yet.

Obviously, since $7000 wouldn't pay a year's rent, I haven't faxed that to the apartment people.

Will there be an apartment?

Will there be tuition money?

Will Taro go insane?

I *have* concluded that Travanti needs to do this, regardless of what Raederle needs to be doing.

How can a family do this to a child which they profess to favor? Raederle has always known that, while we hope and expect that she will go to college, we would not be able to contribute much to it financially. Travanti's family, on both sides, has been telling him all his life that they will take care of it. Since he was 10, he has expected that money he earned from his father was going into a fund for him. His grandfather told him and the rest of the family that there was 50 to 80 thousand set aside for him (on his mother's side). How can they wait until he has graduated, picked out a college and been accepted, and then just not come through?