January 18th, 2019


Fat Chance - Day 1

So here it is: The planned fasting and diet.

The goals: Lose weight, reduce pain, gain energy, raise my pH, finish cleansing of yeast, refresh internal organs, improve digestion, … etc.

The plan: Simply not eat for three days - Friday, Saturday, Sunday - then move into a keto diet.  I will, of course, take all of my supplements, which are what I really live on anyway, since my overtaxed digestive system gets little value from my food.  When taking my pills, I may take a teaspoon of coconut oil as a stomach buffer.

The refrigerator is empty (mostly).  We won’t need it before Monday.  Hubby is fasting also, although with different rules and for a different purpose.

Stats: Higi has my weight at 184, which is 10 pounds higher than it was three years ago.  That corresponds to 173 on my bathroom scale, which I’ll be using most of the time.

My blood pressure came out today at 109/75, which is just about my average.  Pulse was high - 118 - which means I’m in afib.  My usual is 68.  I need to make sure I go heavy with magnesium today.  I hadn’t take any pills before going to do higi, and perhaps I should have.

It’s 1:00 pm, and I’m not actually hungry.  I didn’t expect to be; but the pleasure of eating is what will probably get to me.