January 21st, 2019


Fat Chance - Day 4

Weight continues to be down one pound.

Last night I got so hungry that I pigged out.  This means that I did not succeed in getting into ketosis.  Why?  Because if I were in ketosis, I would not have been hungry.  But why was I hungry?  Apparently the lettuce.  I was hoping that so few grams wouldn’t matter, but apparently it was enough to keep my body burning sugars instead of fat.  If I do this again I MUST drink water, no matter how nauseous it is.

That said, I do think I was in ketosis on Friday, which had a good result both that day, that night, and most of Saturday.

Today I’m not trying very hard to eat right.  I’ve had sweet potato, white potato, and a sardine sandwich, as well as juice.  I expect I’ll have lettuce and tomato soup for dinner as usual.

Tomorrow, I will try to do an all-raw day.