Taro (mother2012) wrote,

moo58 (RE my last post about The Gathering of the Fellowship in Toronto):

Maybe I'm missing something from your post, but you do realize that The Gathering happened last year and is not going to be held again in 2007??


I had been told unequivically that there
would be a Gathering this year. Thanks for the heads-up. I've now written to them to ask specifically what is going on.


We're small, but there will be a Tolkien presence at Dragon*Con. A bunch of us from Arms of Middle Earth will be there - and I believe many of them help run the Tolkien track.


They're Southern based, many live in or near the Atlanta area, although a few of us Northerners are members too!

Let me know what you find out about The Gathering, please!!

Okay, the first person I wrote to said that, as far as she knows, there will be no more Gathering. I have now written to the president of it for a definitive answer. But it looks indeed like the only place left in the East is DragonCon.
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