Taro (mother2012) wrote,

I'm cold and sleepy and I don't want to be awake and I'm thinking about all my physical problems and I turn on my computer and ...

There's that face.

And the smile just automatically replaces my frown.

I'm not feeling well, though. In November I was happily getting 7 hours sleep per night; now it's 10 and I'm not getting up feeling rested. I'm having a hard time getting anything done. It would be so easy to get the rest of the plumbing finished off, and I keep postponing it - don't have time - even though I'm not exactly doing anything else.

December 23rd, I had pushed so hard to get everything done, stayed up so late to finish those trays, that I was sick. Sore thoat, achy, fever, exhausted means strep to me and I knew my body was only waiting to encounter the right germ, so I took one Amoxicillin stashed in the refrigerator. And it did it's job. I didn't come down with anything. Except yeast infection. Of course. I expected that. Part of it's job, y'know.

But I haven't been able to shake the yeast. If you don't know about the massive damage it does, go look it up; I don't feel like reiterating it now. But the best way to get rid of it is to not eat anything that it feeds on. The list includes:

Sugar - any sweet stuff will do; from the super-bad ice cream all they way down to oranges.
Starch - all starches become sugar in your system before too long; bread, pasta, potatoes, even lima beans.

It's a short list. How many things can you think of, though, that don't include starch and sugar? I can give you a list of those, too:


Neat and concise, right? And not very healthy for a diet staple.

Fortunately, there is one class of foods that goes to sugar so slowly that the yeast doesn't have time to use it:

Raw vegetables

*sigh* Can you eat nothing but raw vegetables? For a week? Three days? How about one day?

If you can, you're a whole lot healthier than I am.

There's one other way. Take enough pro-biotics to destroy the yeast. Pro-biotics feed on yeast and are the stuff that anti-biotics destroy in their eagerness to kill off all foreign germs. They include acidophilus (like makes yoghurt) and bifidus and a whole slew of lesser known ones. You can buy it. The best ones that I know of are Three-lac ($75 for a month's supply) and Tri-Dophilus ($22 per bottle, but get three at a time). I don't really have the money, and they're only available online, so they'll take awhile to get here anyway.

Choices, choices.
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