Taro (mother2012) wrote,

I usually don't mind the weather. It just is, y'know? But we've been having a bit of a cold snap, and with our furnace situation (still not ducted) it's a bit of a problem.

The real problem, though, is that it suddenly turned really cold and dropped almost a foot of snow - you guessed it - just before Raederle's party. It started about 5:00, and by six, people were calling to say they weren't going to be able to make it. Instead of the 40 - 50 people she expected, she was lucky to get 7.

She tried so hard not to whine and complain! She wrote in her Journal:

"What about the punch sitting right there that no one will probably drink? What about the snack platters I've prepared that will go stale if I don't put the snacks back into their bags tonight? What about the cake I spent so much time making yesterday with the fresh strawberries inside and on top?"


"... the people I invited from the psychic fair will never call or write, even though they have my information, if they don't come tonight, and I know they won't drive that far in this shit. Those girls looked like people I should really make good friends with if given the chance. Now I know I'll never see any of them again."

Why today? Why the day I decide to finally throw a big birthday party? ... This morning there was snow on the ground, but the sky was blue.... I'm trying not to be emotional about this. It's not something to cry about.... Maybe I'm getting my hopes up too often and the spirits want to remind me that life sucks ... I've been waiting, preparing, anticipating, struggling, working, and all of it is building up inside me, and now there is nothing to expel all of this into ...

I feel so bad. And there is nothing I can do.

Yesterday and today it's so cold the furnace can't keep up. We got the temp up to 55 yesterday. It's 50 now. Even with two stove burners and two electric heaters running nonstop. (Downstairs; it's warmer upstairs for Mary's apartment, and Raederle has a heat pump in attic. Also running nonstop. I don't like to think about the heating bill.) The sun shines during most of the day, but all that really means is that without a blanket of cloud, the heat is escaping rapidly during the night. Yesterday it climbed up to 8 degrees; this morning it was 0. The windchill brings it down to around -15. You don't want to be walking very far. The wisely cancelled school for the day.

Oh, and to top it all off? Saturday a gust of wind hit the plastic on the porch and blew it all out. So my enclosed porch isn't anymore.

It's supposed to gradually warm up during the week: up to 20 by Saturday!

I have a heater on my feet, wearing a scarf and hat, a cozy around my shoulders (besides my sweatshirt and two pairs of pants), and a cat on my lap, and I'm still cold.

Just went to refill the kettle of water on the stove. It's almost warm in the kitchen. Time to do the dishes, I guess.
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