Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Left hip sciatica

I was bored and thought: Hey! I could update my Journal with personal stuff.

I was doing all right until ...

One Sunday Dale told me that as they (he and my nephew, who is doing most of the work) were considering laying the dining room tiles (square hardwood tiles designed like parquet), they decided to put them in slantwise - a diamond pattern, instead of straight. Marvelous. Loved the idea. When they came over for lunch, they told me that they had decided to use the lighter leftover tiles from the bedroom to make diamond patterns on the edges. Wonderful! Even better!

At midnight Dale came home to tell me about it and I realized that he was talking about triangles, not diamonds. In other words, they had cut the light tiles in half for the very edge, rather than putting a row of whole diamonds. I was NOT happy about this. How often do you even see the very edge of the floor?

So at midnight, at my insistance and in my nightgown, we walked back over to the house (only three blocks, but hips hurting already) (the car was in the shop - the gear shift had come unattached) and spent three-and-a-half hours pulling up recently glued down tiles and laying new ones.

Me. On my knees. No knee pads, so I was using towels, which got a bit rough after a while. I, who can't get up from the floor without something to pull myself up by. So it's - get plaster bucket in position to lever myself up and down, refold and position two towels, get correct floor tile, apply glue to back, fall onto towels, bend over to position tile, lever back up using the bucket, put stuff in the next place.

That was after the pulling-up part.

Three-and-a-half hours.

Then walk back home.

In my nightgown.

Even Dale ached for a week.

Therefore he can't have any sympathy for me.

The big problem is that this was weeks ago, and I'm not getting better. If anything, I'm getting worse. I'm okay when I first get out of bed, but within a few minutes, it hurts! Then if I sit for very long without getting up, it gets really serious. Half the time I can't lift my left leg at all - can't step over the cat, can't climb the stairs. Been taking serious (for me) pain reliever, but as of yesterday I stopped that, wondering whether that's making it worse. Besides that, I've got a yeast infection in my sinuses, so that my nose runs constantly. This is inconvenient, gross and disgusting, and my nose is getting very sore.

I've tried really sitting on my diet. Any time in the past when I had a real problem, three days of raw vegetables would straighten it right out. It didn't this time. It didn't even clear up the yeast infection, even with all the pro-biotics I've been taking ($40 worth in two weeks). Friday I have a doctor's appointment. I don't really expect him to solve any problems. I'm just hoping he'll sign for handicapped parking.

In other news, my daughter is doing well. Sometimes I could strangle her, but sometimes I'm just SO proud of her. She chose to downgrade schools this year, going from a magnet school which is hard to get into to a local school which doesn't have a good reputation. This is because, while she liked the kids at the other school, she did not like the teachers.

So after a brief fight with the school placement office, she's going to Grover. And her teachers love her. All eight of them. Yes, eight. For you non-Americans, most high school kids take five or six classes - Math, English, Foreign language, History, Science and a physical program such as aerobics or swimming. My daughter, through her own choice (I'm out and out bragging here), who is in her third year (Junior), is taking Math 4, English 3 as Advanced Placement (she gets college credit for it), English 4, Spanish 3, History 3, History 5, Art, and Swimming. To do this, she gave up her lunch time, but one of the kids in the AP English brings in chips and pop for everyone every day. Regrettably, there's no science in this schedule. She was signed up for AP Physics, but the class didn't go through. On top of all of this, she has declared her goal as being class Validictorian this year. I won't hold her to that. I'm just proud to bursting right now.
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