Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Saw Apples in Stereo.

A pirate walks into a bar. He's holding a ship's wheel, which is coming up out of his pants.

Bartender says, "That looks uncomfortable."

Pirate says, "It's driving me nuts."

Robert's joke.


Advertising said 7 pm. I had no idea what the venue was like, never having been there. We were there at 6:40. No one in until 7:00. Figures.

Get in the door, nothing happening. Ask around, the 'other' band (oops, forgot about them) goes on at 8:30. A in S maybe 9:30. What to do for two hours?

Went home, pursuaded Daughter and Boyfriend they should go, because ...

- It's a 'kids bar' - where there is no ID checking unless you want to buy an alchoholic drink.

- LOTS of space for dancing. Not much of any seating at all. It's a converted warehouse. Decorating consists of black paint. Dancing = Raederle.

- Most of the people there were, like, 20.


Nobody danced. They just stood staring at the stage.

The first band, Caspar and the Cookies, sucked big time, as far as I was concerned. I really disliked their concept of music, except for the drummer, who was really good. And rather cute. The lead singer might have been cute, but was not the least bit sexy. The gay singer was sexy but too fat to be cute. The girl had nothing to recommend her besides youth and slenderness. Gay singer was almost interesting. He did a Barbara Streisand performance. With false eyelashes.

The sound system sucked. Couldn't hear the voices at all. Not the least little bit.

Now in my book, The Apples in Stereo were, by contrast, very good. I liked the music to start with, and each of the six were interesting to watch in their own way. Robert is cute as a button. I'm not entirely certain he isn't gay, in spite of meeting his wife. The drummer is beautiful in the dark, chisled manner of our Elijah; there's a cute little redhead hobbit-type who's probably Scotts-Irish; a quiet man who would probably be my type; an extrovert wearing a shiny white 'astro-man' costume who stomped his feet to the beat so much that his camel-foot package bounced around spectacularly; and the aging hippie who contributes to their unique sound by playing around with feedback noise. Six very different personalities and body types. Quite a feast for the eyes.

A few people actually started dancing later in the show. Too late for it to catch on.

I might say more, but I'm tired.
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