Taro (mother2012) wrote,

From a post more than a month ago - http://mother2012.livejournal.com/205899.html. Guess how much I've done now?

Goals for February:

- Fix leaks left in hot water lines from plumbing project.
- Take Mary's sliding bedroom door back apart and find out why it sticks.
- Build rolling bookshelves.
- Take Raederle driving often so she can get her damned license and I can stop taking her everywhere.
- Get all computers actually, reliably online.
- Improve the telephone system.
- Fix the plastic enclosure on the porch.
- Set up gardening on the porch for early planting.
- Get Quicken caught up, and spending under control.
- Get off sugar. Again.
- Get written through Chapter 2 of story.

Guess how much of that I've done?
I've got all computers actually online, including the two on wireless and even Dale's because it's now hardwired.
We've got the plastic fixed on the porch.
And the bookshelves are cut and painted.
I've written a few paragraphs. (Also done a whole lot of research.)

So I've progressed a little on the shelves. I've almost finished painting (well, you know, the rest of the painting), and they're actually standing on their wheels. But I've thought of more construction details I need to take care of ...

I took the door apart and put it back together, and it still sticks.

Took Raederle driving every day for a week. I gave up because she can't see without her contacts which she hates to wear. (Which she swore would not happen! - Four years ago.) So we've gone back to the optician and now have ordered two pairs of glasses - one with polarized dark lenses. So she'll be able to get *lots* of driving practice on the Road Trip.

All computers reliably on line! Dale now uses his own computer and Mary has stopped complaining. Now I just have to get them reliably connected with networkmagic, so they can print to any printer...

Gardening on the porch ... Well ... I have six tomato plants started on the kitchen table ...

Sugar. Next subject.

Writing. Chapter 1 is almost done. I got Sean's section written. Now Billy and Marian.

Still haven't fixed the leaks.

And now there's the Road Trip. Lots and lots of effort put into that. One more week and I will be free of responsibility for three weeks! (Except for trying to make progress with the attic while Rae isn't here so that she isn't complaining about sawdust, and fixing Mary's door, and maybe, just maybe, getting the living room a little more livable ...)
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