Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Father/daughter bonding


Hanging in air without a direction to go. Except to fall down.

Right now I am waiting.

Waiting for Dale and Raederle to take off on their four-week trip tomorrow.
Waiting for my printer to print mapquest maps of all of their destinations.
Waiting for my printer to print ... It wants a new black ink cartridge. At least, it had *better* work after getting one.
Waiting for Dale to get back from his Theosophy meeting so that I will have the car to go get a new cartidge. And some groceries.
Waiting for Son to go get the cartridge for me, because the store closes in 15 minutes.


I should be organizing things to go in the car: The food, the food utensils, the first aid and other emergency items, the camping equipment ...

I have a hard time doing that without a car to organize *in* to.

My day started at 6:30 when I got up, fixed breakfast and took Dale to work. Then I did maps, and around 9:30 my nephew called (finally) with his address. I did maps for his location. During that call, my sister-in-law called with her sons' addresses. I talked to her for 20 minutes and forgot about Nephew waiting on the other line. During that time, Son arrived with the batteries I had asked him to get, and Carlos, the kid I hire to help me do some things around here, arrived to help me get more bricks.

So when I hung up, we went 5 blocks away to where an old building has been demolished and got one more load of bricks and cement blocks. Mostly bricks this time. We spent 3 hours on Monday and 2 on Tuesday getting cement blocks. My muscles are a bit tired of it. But I think I have enough cement blocks for the foundation for the room we're planning to put on the back.

Then, while I attempted to plan what to do next, the bank called; Raederle's debit card had finally arrived. The girl who we talked to a month ago had just kind of forgotten that getting that card was our goal. (Raederle can have her own card now that she's 18.) So on Friday, it was requested as priority, and it came today. So I dropped everything and ran over to the bank, fearing that if I waited until I did errands, the bank might be closed.

After that I sat and figured the money. A card for Dale to use, a card for Raederle, and a card just for the car - gasoline, oil change, etc. How to get money from *here* to *there*. Managed to do most of it by internet and phone, saving *another* trip downtown. Then I ran back to the bank to deposit a check from one bank to another, and out to the deli to get sandwich meat for Cor for the next two weeks.

Called Sears. Yes, Raederle's glasses just came in. It's 4:15. I have an hour and a half to go all the way out to Sears, get the glasses, go back to town to the DeltaSonic to get the car washed and vacuumed, and be downtown to pick up Dale at 5:45. Made it. Perfectly. Amazingly.

Dale takes off for his meeting. I now have from 6:30 to 10:30 to complete the maps. I'm about to print one (from local.live) that shows all the points of the route across the country. Only the printer won't print. It says 'Remove and check Print Cartridges'. After much experimenting, I conclude that it has decided it won't take my many-times-refilled black cartridge anymore.

I don't have the car. I don't have the cartridge. I can't print the maps. This is frustrating. I will have to print the maps after I get home, after I get the cartridge from Son, after I buy groceries and get cash back to reimburse Son, after Dale gets home.

When do we pack the car?

In the middle of the night in the dark? That's what Raederle wants to do. She plans to stay up all night. She isn't about to sleep when she is going away for four weeks and won't see Cor for all that time. Does *he* plan to stay up all night? I don't know.

At 9:00 am I have to be at the AAA office to request a TripTik. They're going to be so happy about that. 'You want a TripTik with *how* many stops? And you want it *when*?

I really think we should pack the car *after* that. But Husband would be bitching the whole time - 'Aren't you ready yet?' 'You've had weeks to get ready.' 'Never mind that! Let's just GO!' So maybe Raederle's right it should be done at midnight.

I'll miss them. Yes, I will. Really.
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