Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Day Two

DAMN!! IE shut down with an error with (apparently) Adobe Flash Player, and I lost my post! Trying again:

I'm calling yesterday Day One.

- It was the first day THEY were gone all day
- I didn't take any pills (such as caffiene and aspirin), letting my body rest
- I filled my goal of not eating any sugar after 2:00 pm (except an apple and Cheerios)
- I ran in place 200 steps *twice*
- On top of that, I got the new schedule set up by feeding Cor dinner when he got home from work at 11:30.

It was a *horrid* day. I hurt terribly, and didn't want to do anything, including the TV watching I did most of the day. But I do feel better today. I guess in retrospect, it was an important day.

Today I pampered myself by actually *using* the Mary Kay stuff I bought last week. The whole works - Cleanser, microdermabrasion, replenisher, day solution with sunscreen, moisturizer, eye cream, lip cream, and foundation. Then I followed up with Satin Hands scrub and cream. My face and hands feel wonderful.

Yes, I paid a King's Ransom for it. Why do you ask?

Now I need to walk to the store, do more run-in-place, and set up my pills. I may not use any caffiene for a while, and may cut down on the aspirin.

Oh yes, THEY called this morning. They're already running a day late. Also, without the TripTik, they are getting lost too much. I *tried* to print out more maps. They just didn't take me seriously that more was needed.

ETA: The corner MiniMax is about 500 steps, there and back. I just measured it.
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