Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Step three. Or is it four?

Eat raw vegetables.

All things being equal, that ought to be step one. But when you're gone on sugar, raw vegetables taste rather like sawdust. I've gotten far enough that I can look at them now.

I've been very good today. I had a lettuce and tomato sandwich for lunch instead of cheese, no sweets after 2:00, walked to the hardware store - more than 1000 steps - and got some potting soil to start lettuce in, got out the seeds from last year and set 100 peas to soak so that I can plant them tomorrow. AND worked on my story some.

You know how they say that working around the house is not really exercise? I've always thought that was rather dumb. How can running up and down the stairs, back and forth the 100 feet of this house, etc not be exercise? But I guess it really isn't compared to walking. Going that 1000 steps totally exhausted me.

And THEY are in Carlsbad, New Mexico, going to the Caverns tomorrow.
Tags: diet
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