Taro (mother2012) wrote,

What's been keeping me away, Part 3

Last week Friday, Mary came home with a bundle of cloth she was anxious to show off. A whole lot of cotton crinkle cloth that she'd gotten for a dollar a yard. I was especially taken with the purple one, and jokingly asked whether she'd gotten that one for me. To top it off, she'd found a pattern on sale which would do a splendid job with that kind of cloth.

Before you could say 'Jack Robinson' (or Elijah Wood), we were in the car headed back to the store.

She's made three dresses already, but she's doing them just as house dresses, and going quickly. I'm still on dress one. I revised it to be reversible (back to front) so that I have a choice of two necklines; added width to the shoulders because I don't like getting sunburned; am adding in-seam pockets, because I use pockets instead of purses (mostly) these days; and adding to the sides belows the waist for extra fullness. It's full ankle-length, and I'm sewing 'jewels' on the front. I found a chain of burgundy 'gems' and Mary suggested sewing it like a tree, for which she bought me some dragonflies that she found. (There will be a lot more of them.)

It isn't actually shiny at all; and it's burgundy, not pink/red.

The pockets are especially taking time because:

I want to be able to have pens and pencils without them sticking through the fabric or falling out,

I want a place for keys and coins that they won't rattle around or make a bulge; therefore

As you can see in the pic, there is a place in each pocket for a pen or pencil. That slot is lined with plastic, to try to prevent problems from a leaky pen.

And the key pocket is lightly padded on both sides to smooth out the bulge keys make.
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