Taro (mother2012) wrote,


Today I determined would be a day for myself!

I've done writing almost all day. Nothing new, unfortunately, just going over what I've already written to improve it and act on Beta Saura's suggestions. But it's shaping up.

And I finally finished one of the dresses I've been working on!

Also (*sigh*) have committed to getting a friend to work every morning for the next two weeks. This is *not* going to be easy, and will cost me at least a half hour every morning. But sometimes you just have to lend that helping hand, y'know?

And am now looking for an apartment for her. Preferably close to us. That would make helping her a whole bunch easier.

Now, for your entertainment and amusement, a picture of my front yard. It only shows about half of the improvements - couldn't get Daughterly to take a pic from the angle I wanted - but it *does* show how pretty it's becoming.

The stack of rocks will be a waterfall. Next year. I probably won't do anything more with it this year. It's getting too hot.

Tags: house
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