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It really is the witch hunt of the day. And while I'm just as upset as most everyone else (and looking for a different journal host), there's really little point in being mad at LJ over it. Leave to find a better venue, yes, but mad, no. They're under attack and in danger of lawsuits and shutdown.

Other resources re: this issue:

It's the most public witch hunt, although not the only one. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Hey, if you're not actively hating everyone who thinks a 14-yo looks hot, then maybe you're screwed up too!

The fact is that 200 years ago, 14 year olds were getting married, quite regularly. It is practically a fact that Mary, mother of Jesus, was married and pregnant at 14.

In this society, a 14 year old is certainly not ready for the responsibilities and complexities of our life. At that age, a girl - or boy - needs to be in school trying to advance what he can become. That doesn't change millions of years of evolution which dictates that a girl is a baby-making machine which should be impregnated at the earliest opportunity. Both her chemistry and any man's chemistry believes that.

It's the thin veneer of civilization which teaches us that a girl (or boy) has a life to live outside of someone's sexual fantasies. The girl *wants* sex - she just doesn't want it with some 'old' and 'ugly' man. And yes, society needs to protect her from her own instincts.

I'm not defending predators. But half the country is trying to villianize the other half. We are getting very close to losing freedom of speech and freedom of the press. We are getting very close to needing to hide what we are, like Jews in a Nazi country, to escape persecution.
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