Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Sorry I haven't replied to comments. And thanks to everyone who played with the bands picture. I'll get back to it, I hope. But I feel about as snowed as my car in the icon.

More of running people around. Today, for instance, after taking Karen and Dale to work, I hunted up my neice so that I could get her father's new address from her, and found out she's been in the hospital for three days. Also that her father's previous apartment is in such bad condition that no one will clean it. It stinks, as many older people's carpets do, but on top of that he's diabetic, and there are syringes all over the place. The custodian of the complex said he would quit if he had to clean it.

So after doing some grocery shopping, I picked up Carlos and we went over there and hauled out the wagon full of stuff and took it to the new apartment. Bro-in-law wasn't there, but his door was unlocked, and we unloaded. Then took Carlos home. By then it was only two hours until time to pick up Karen, and then Dale.

That's making a long story *very* short. And leaving out a lot of other stories.

Anyhow, though, here is my picture with Robert Beltran, Chakotay:

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