Taro (mother2012) wrote,

A Day in the Life ...

It's just so typical. As I approach any event I'm going away to, everything goes wrong and/or demands my time.


- Have Dale to work by 7:00.
- Have Karen to work by 8:15. (No time to go home in between.)
- Shirley called at 9:30. Expected. Took her down to a school downtown to register Carlos to go back to school. Carlos, you recall, is the kid who does work for me; who is trying to shape up and do something with his life, but is not the brightest bulb. I expected to leave her there for the day, as they had told her to expect, but for special education, someone saw her right away. I stayed for that 15 minute interview. Then he walked us down to the next line to wait in. I filled out 6 pages of forms for her, then left.
- Since I was now half way to my bro-in-law's new apartment, Carlos and I went directly over there, with the car nearly full of stuff cleaned out of the old apartment the day before. But he didn't answer the doorbell. It was around 11:00 am, and I presume he was still sleeping.
- Carlos and I went back to his old apartment, which is near home, and took the rest of the stuff out, packing the car totally full. Can now not get a third person in there. Went home, purportedly to call B-I-L and to call Shirley.
- Got home about 1:00. Headed for refrigerator, since I hadn't had any breakfast other than a slice of green pepper. Shirley called about 1:30. She needed Carlos' immunization records from the doctor's office. Any chance I could take her to get them? Well, if I don't do it, how will it get done? I *do* want to give him the opportunity to try going back to school.
- Took Carlos home, picked up Shirley, went to doctor's office, back to the school, turned in the immunization records. This is good. Now they need his birth certificate, most recent report card, and proof of residence please. Birth certificate has to be replaced. They lost *everything* when they had to move quickly. Okay, we'll use the immunization record for that. Bring us the other stuff tomorrow. It's now 3:30, and we're closing up for the day.
- Took Shirley home. Picked up Karen at 4:00 and took her home. Stopped for a (very) few groceries on the way home. Stuff self with candy.
- Home for about a half hour and Daughter needs a ride to Boyfriend's work. Take her over there, go home to find note on computer - Mary's phone has abruptly stopped working, and so has the shower. Fix please.
- 5:30 - Go buy gas, then pick up Dale.
- 6:30 - Pick up Daughterly.

- 7:00 - Scream.
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