Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Consequences, shmonsequences ...

Okay. Mia culpa. I knew I was too frustrated yesterday to think correctly.

This morning I have that ache in my throat that says "Impending strep."

Well, first off, I somehow had forgotten that I put a caffeine dose in my morning pills this week, so I not only took it when I got up at 6:30, I took another dose at 9:00 am and then another later at 6:00 pm. Three in a day is just too much for my heart.

Then there was the not eating right. I need a diet of more than half vegetable, and much of that raw, in order to feel right and have my full energy. I had one slice of green pepper yesterday. And candy. I kept telling myself that I was so busy, and running so hard, that the refined carbs wouldn't hurt all that much. I kind of (willfully) neglected to think about the fact that all of that hard running was sitting in the car being frustrated, not burning calories.

So today I must deal with the consequences.

First, no caffeine.

Second - well, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, for which I have to pre-medicate. I am supposed to take four amoxicillin an hour before my appointment. So I'll take one now ... (went and did that) ... and the other three tomorrow. Always take vitamin C and aspirin with antibiotic, btw; they all work better in conjuction. Also probiotics - acidophilus and it's cousins. I'll get some of that when I go out. Just in case you don't know, antibiotics kill probiotics. Obvious if you think about it, but why would anyone think about it?

Third, eat right. Had egg on toast and two slices of green pepper for breakfast. Now I need to make a cauliflower salad. I think I'll stop at the grocery store when I'm out and get catfish, too. It's kind of a treat, and will fill the gap of 'interesting things to eat'. And I'll put on some beets to cook. (I cook canned vegetables slowly until all liquid is evaporated or absorbed. That puts the nutrients in the water back on the veggies, and they taste better. Besides, I prefer them soft.)

Fourth, exercise. Aye, there's the rub. Yep. Gotta do some running. Pooh.

This is what I'm *trying* to do, to sell at Z-con and Rotten Jack's Creep Show, on the 15th:

Tags: diet, sugar
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