Taro (mother2012) wrote,

My schedule tomorrow goes something like this:

- Take Dale to work at 7:00 and pick him up at 6:00.
- Spend about 3 hours going to Eugene's apartment to repair walls. His landlord is suing him for $700 in damages to corners he's run into with his scooter. I'd like to know just *who* gets that $700 for work I can do in 3 hours.
- Spend about 3 hours taking Raederle to places she has to go for her Mary Kay stuff.
- Spend 4 hours working around the house with Carlos. I need to get those shelves up as well as windows on the front porch.

Now I just need to find ways to assign all of those tasks to the hours between 7 am and 6 pm. (Technically possible but, um, no one is willing to have me start with them before 9 am.)
Tags: busy
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