Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Someday I'll actually get back here. I mean to start posting my story soon. Details to follow and all that.

In the meantime, the saga of the brother-in-law (bil) continues:

I had gone to court with him you may remember, and we managed to pull out a grace period through the end of October. Adult Services, meanwhile, actually found another apartment for him for November. Conveniently located about 10 blocks from here. That will be a load off my mind.

However. (There's always one of those, isn't there?)

He had to be out on the 31st. No leeway at all. The owner was adamant. Meanwhile, back at the farm, he can't move into the new place until Monday the 5th. Also rock-solid. His daughter managed to talk Owner One into allowing his stuff to remain until Monday, but bil himself had to vacate the premises on Wednesday. The daughter can't take him in. He can't get up to her upstairs apartment, and if he could, she is going on her yearly vacation tomorrow. There wouldn't be anyone there, and him trapped upstairs, if anything happened. Just a bad idea all around.

Dale had a fit, but I actually overrode him this time. So bil is here. In order to accomodate him, I had to do some cleaning out, then reinstall the downstairs bathroom. He can't get upstairs, remember? Fortunately, the toilet was still firmly seated. I repaired the water line to it, and replaced it's innards. Then I fixed up the water lines to where the sink used to be, dragged out the sink that's been sitting waiting for years, and then by main strength (Dale's strength) (you *don't* want to know the details) got the drain installed. That's cutting the story *very* short, but there is now toilet and sink in the back room where the once and future bathroom was. Will be. Whatever.

Bed. Can't get up the stairs. Couch? Too low and soft. He wouldn't be able to get out of it. Getting old - needs bathroom in the middle of the night. Recliner? Preferable, but we don't happen to have one, and where would we put it? So with Carlos' help, I removed a large chair to the garage, picked up my toys (a large part of my LotR action figures) and put the stored twin bed in the recovered space in the living room. Not ideal, maybe, but he has a good bed to sleep in and a bathroom to use.

Entertainment. What do you do when you're stuck at someone else's house, can't go out, can't read well anymore ... In this case, the same thing he would do at home. Computer games. My computer. Hour after hour.

Ah well. I don't really mind. It's only 5 days. Son#1 thinks I shouldn't have to do this, but you know? I didn't have to take care of my mother or father, and neither did Dale. Bil, on the other hand, helped with his father, took care of his wife as she degenerated, and also her mother. Now it's our turn. I like to think that *someone* will take care of me.

Anyhow, saves a lot of running up and down stairs to the bathroom!

(Oh, and the headlight came in the mail today. Have to give *that* seller good feedback! So I'll see whether I can get it installed tomorrow.)
Tags: bil, family
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