Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Lost news

Since I haven't read my flist yet, others may have posted this, but I wanted to make sure.

Now (Evangeline) Lilly is facing the inevitable comparisons to Abrams’ other leading ladies. This is the guy after all who — along with just being hired to direct Mission Impossible 3 — created Alias and Felicity. “People are saying, so do you feel any pressure now that you’re the next Keri Russell or the next Jen Garner and I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness. What pressure?’ ”

As for her reluctance about the entertainment industry, she still has it — and is content to keep it out of sight, if not out of mind, thanks to the Hawaiian location.

“I’ve had very, very good luck. Everyone here, they’re all incredible people with beautiful lives and families. I’ve lucked into this group.”

And while random strangers now recognize her, she says having a former hobbit as one of her castmates has helped.

Dominic can’t go anywhere without being recognized. I’ve experienced that a bit and seen his reaction. He is very encouraged by it. He sees it as these people are his supporters and he’s so glad to have that support. So he’s very cordial and I’ve got to see someone be very positive about it, because not everyone is like that.”
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