Taro (mother2012) wrote,

The First Day

Okay, I'm taking the plunge. I'm somewhat nervous about putting this baby out here, the last one - two years ago - having been such a complete dud. With that in mind, I should tell you that if there is little response to this story, I will lose interest in posting. But if you have no interest, I guess that won't particularly bother you, now will it?

The Hobbit portions of this fic were written by me and beta'd by saura_; the non-Hobbit parts - Viggo, Orlando, Karl, Miranda, etc - were written by sileya, a well known 'big man' RPS writer. While I am posting with her recent permission, she is presently incommunicado, leaving me worrying about her.

One more warning: Current posts will be open to the public. After a few weeks, they will be locked. I will gladly reopen for any reader when asked, but I won't be just leaving the fic open.

For Warnings and Disclaimers, go here.

Introduction to
The First Day

A whisper of sheets, a sleepy giggle. Soft skin and elegant fingers. A gasp as a nipple is lightly stroked. Supple bodies arching, erogenous places found and explored. Soft lips leaving trails of fire. Sweet touching and playful exploration suddenly ending in desperate kissing. White thighs parted as powerful hips work their way between, two lean and muscular stomachs feel the pressure of their partner’s erection.

Tags: wwe
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