Taro (mother2012) wrote,

More food

Even people who don't like broccoli usually like this one:

Broccoli casserole. Of course, one can eat this any time of the year, but the chilly days make me think more in terms of comfort-food-casseroles rather than 'cooked vegetables'.

The official recipe goes something like this - one stack of crackers, quarter cup of butter, 10 oz chopped broccoli, and 2 cups Velveeta cheese in 1/2-inch cubes. Crush the crackers and mix with melted butter. Cook the broccoli, drain and add the cheese, then the crackers. Bake. (Well, until done, I guess. I haven't seen the official recipe in years.)

There are all kinds of variations on this, but I prefer it this way: Ritz crackers or clone rather than saltines. I simply prefer them, and then it isn't necessary to coat them with butter. Rather than frozen chopped broccoli, which tends to be mostly stems (HATE cooked broccoli stems. I eat them raw - one of my favorite snacks), I cook it fresh, or use leftover (any amount, adjusting the other ingredients). Instead of 2 cups of Velveeta which results in a kind of sticky, overwhelmingly flavored dish, I substitute cottage cheese for one cup of it.

Now when my sister makes it, the broccoli, cheese, and crackers can each been seen as individual lumps in the casserole. This is mostly because she cooks the broccoli to that crisp-tender stage that most people prefer. Mine is more homogenous (we call it Green Goop), because we prefer our broccoli more well-done, and I want the flavors all blended before they hit my mouth. Just be sure you don't stir it too much or it will all turn into glue. And don't neglect the baking part; it's very important.

You might want to top with bacon bits before serving.
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