Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Birthday thanks

How can you thank someone enough for putting time into remembering your birthday, bothering to make a post about it, maybe spending for a virtual gift, maybe making a card ...

So this is not thanks. This is just so that I can find these little gifts again over the year when I'm feeling down.

In NO particular order:

mews1945 - with pics
annwyn55 - with icon
i-o-r-h-a-e-l - with card
saura_ - pic reminder
telpethoron - wishes
fienchen - with card
melyanna-65 - with card
frodosweetstuff - with card
julchen11 - with poem
kitcat72 - with great slideshow
summershobbit - with card
sassywitch - wishes
littlegreenleaf - card
denyce - card
keye - wishes
cologne-chick - card
lbilover - wishes, with bellewood
lisabellex - with fic dedication
honeyandvinegar - with fic dedication
And a card from

Virtual gifts from melyanna_65, frodosweetstuff, layne67, hobbitlove83, and verangel.

Additional good wishes on my LJ post:
moffel83, pattilovesviggo (with roses), maggieblue, not_alone, supertrink, theartoffic, suzy_74.
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