Taro (mother2012) wrote,

The First Day; Chapter II, Part 5

Now up: Chapter II, Part 5; in which we encounter our first villian.

The ocean was 150 miles away! Yet there it sat in the valley; roiling, pounding, sloshing around like an unbalanced dishpan.

Also, I didn't announce part 4 here - Orlando and Billy - Did you catch that?


Disclaimers and Warnings


Prelude 1 - DomLijah
Prelude 2 - VigOrli

Chapter 1:

Part 1 - VigOrli
Part 2 - DomLijah
Part 3 - Viggo/Orlando (implied), Orlando/Kate, Billy/Ali (implied)
Part 4 - Dominic and Deborah
Part 5 - Karl, Dave, Miranda, Bernard and
Part 6 - Marilla

Chapter 2:

Part 1 - Sean and Christine Astin and
Part 2 - Viggo/Billy/Orlando

Part 3 - Elijah and Hannah
Part 4 - Orlando and Billy
Tags: kurulooke
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