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What would you do, I wonder?

Am I the only one who gets into these things? I'm certainly not the only 'good' or 'sympathetic' person out there. Yet other people don't seem to get sucked into these things the way I do. Is it the kind of people I associate with?

I was unable to stop Karen's eviction. I worked on it all week. On Monday, the two of us together went all over Hell's Half Acre - well it covered a whole lot more territory than that, using $15 in gas - trying to get information, find out what needed to be done. On Tuesday I took a break. On Wednesday, I went around collecting up the documentation that I had set in motion, and went to the lawyer in charge of the property. Today I consulted with the attorney in charge of Landlord/Tenant issues. After I waited about an hour and a half, he spent an hour with me trying to figure out a legal way of helping. He came up blank.

As with most things in this country, if you are an ordinary working person, you don't qualify for any kind of aid, but you are too poor to afford to hire help.

With no apartment found and no money to pay for movers, Karen will probably lose most of what she owns. 'Authority' will be there tomorrow to lock up the house and move her stuff out. Since she has no place for it to go, they will take it to storage. Then they won't let her have it until she reimburses them for the mover's cost. I estimate that to be about $3000. If they don't get it in 30 days, they will trash her stuff.

Obviously people don't just have $3000. Yet it is expected. "Go hire a lawyer. Cost you about $1000. Go hire movers." What do they seriously think?

So Carlos' mother is going to let her stay there. She cleared out Carlos' room - he'll sleep in the living room. Today we ran four carloads of stuff from one end of Buffalo to the other, transporting her stove, small freezer, bed, dresser, and other personal stuff.

I went through everyone in my cell phone. There was one who said she has some space in her garage. So tomorrow I will rent a U-Haul, as early in the morning as possible, and take it down there. Carlos will be in school, but a friend of his will go with me. And we'll simply load into it everything we can. If we can't find another male, that won't be terribly much. My legs are cramping now, and I won't be good for a whole lot tomorrow.
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