Taro (mother2012) wrote,

A moment's peace.

Most of my 'cards' are sent out. I've run all of today's errands. I've finished my Christmas shopping. I don't have anyone I have to call.

On the other hand, I haven't read my flist (for days) nor responded to story comments; but I'll get to that. Eventually.

Okay, it was like this - what 'they' told us on the phone was that the movers, under the charge of a real estate agent, would pack up everything in Karen's house and put it in storage. They would keep it in storage for 30 days, and then it would be sold at auction if she couldn't pay for the incurred charges. Since it had cost about $4000 for her to pay movers to move her into the house 8 years ago, I figured that would be about $3000, and no way she was coming up with *that* in a month!

The real estate agent, Pat, had told Karen that if she had a truck there, Pat would not be averse to the movers putting things onto it. So I planned to get a U Haul and fill it with the most important stuff. But the movers would be starting in at 7:30 am on Friday morning.

So I needed to hustle. Husband agreed to be at work at 7:30 instead of his usual 9:00 Friday.

6:30 - get up
7:30 - drop Hubby off at work
7:45 - pick up boys who are willing to help work. Carlos should not have been allowed to - he should have gone to school. I couldn't say no to anyone. Needed too much help. U Haul place doesn't open until 8:30.
8:10 - drop off boys at the house, with instructions of what *not* to allow the movers to take.
8:35 - At U Haul getting truck (17 footer)
9:05 - Back at house, driving U Haul. At this point I told the boys what they should be putting into the truck, but I needed to be packing, giving instructions, tracking down errant boys, and packing the U Haul all at the same time. The movers started on Karen's bedroom and I panicked.
9:10 - Emergency call to Daughter. Bear in mind that her 'day' runs from 1:00 pm to 4:00 am. It's the middle of the night for her, but I knew she could handle the bedroom.
10:00 - Have picked up Rae and am back at the house
1:00 pm - Truck is full. The downstairs and most of the upstairs is empty. There is nothing else I know of to rescue. We have Karen's clothes, dressers, entertainment center, automatic lifting chair, food, most of the crafts, and a whole LOT of books.
1:10 - The movers ask me what storage will be most convenient for Karen. They have three moving vans full. I'm thinking, "What the fuck does it matter; she'll never be able to ransom this stuff anyway." I don't say that, just, "She'll be in Riverside." They want specifics; Karen has to be there to sign for it, or they'll have to put it in their name.


It's going in Karen's name? Doesn't that mean she has access to it? I'm not going to argue.

"I'll look up a place as soon as I get this stuff to Riverside, and call you."

1:30 - Arrive at Shirley's (Carlos' mother, where Karen is going to stay for a month or so), have boys unload Karen's wheelchair van which contains her purse and personal chair. Karen driving her van, me driving U Haul.
2:00 - Using van, take boys to Burger King; take Raederle home; look up storage places.
2:30 - Movers call to tell me they're on the way; meet them there in 20 minutes.
2:45 - Have boys back at Shirley's house with instructions to unpack certain items from the U Haul.
3:00 - At storage facility, beginning paperwork. Movers aren't there yet.
Try calling Hubby every 3 minutes during paperwork to tell him I'll be late to pick him up.
3:30 - Leaving storage facility while movers are unloading. Hubby calls me; I tell him I'll be there in 15 minutes.

(Meanwhile, the U Haul is still sitting there full, and the boys and I are going to have to unload it at nice friend's house into her garage, and we were supposed to be there before 4:00 when she has to leave to give another friend a ride to the doctor, and it's getting dark.)

3:45 - Pick up Dale
4:00 - Take Dale to car at U Haul place, because he's supposed to be somewhere at 5:00. Move all the stuff packed into the car over into van.

4:30 - Return to Shirley's and the U Haul. Have boys unpack the van. Again.
5:15 - Arrive at friend's garage and begin unloading. This is not a fun prospect when it's dark, freezing, and you've all already put in a long day.
7:00 - Light in back of U Haul goes out. Rest of unpacking done in the dark.
8:00 - Never mind whatever is left in the U Haul. Return boys to Shirley's. Unpack there the stuff that is left. Somewhat perversely, the U Haul light now works. Mostly lots of food. Also other stuff. Never mind whatever is left on the floor of the U Haul.
8:15 - Refill gas in U Haul, return it to rental place, find drop box for key (a 10 to 15 minute search), lock up back (difficult with frozen fingers), get in van with Shirley.
8:45 - Drop Shirley off at home, drive home in van.

I'm sure I've been tireder. Can't tell you when. Hips are still recovering. I can't say I have any regrets, but it would have saved a whole lot of time and money if I'd known in advance that we would have the key to the storage.
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