Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Taking a break to mention that I'm tearing the bathroom apart this weekend, while Mary is away.

This means:

Remove everything: all movable drawers and cupboards, all furnishings, containers of personal products: everything that isn't nailed down.

Move tub. This is an iron clawfoot. I can't even budge it. Hubby and SIL lifted it, with great difficulty, onto the 'shelf' beside it, and propped it up to stay there.

Build new floor. See, when the bathroom was redone, for various reasons, it was built up two steps. But no new floor was put under the tub. Long story. Anyhow, I must now put a floor under the tub.

Buy plywood for floor. Along with 2X4's for building up the floor. And green drywall for the new 'water wall' I'm putting in at the (new) head of the tub for a shower.

Redo all that plumbing I did last year. It's now going off in the wrong directions. (Well, not *all* of it!)

Put up drywall behind the tub. They didn't do that either.

Move the tub into it's new position and remove the 'shelf' it's sitting on. Since there's no where else to put the tub until that's gone, it's going to be tricky.

Build the water wall and install new $150 shower fixtures.

Line the area with shower board.


Right now, when Mary gets home, we won't even be able to close the bathroom door. Ah well. *She* is the one that wants a shower! Otherwise, we'd have left it the way it was.
Tags: plumbing
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