Taro (mother2012) wrote,

I'm so tired of plumbing!

This evening we played games - Hubby, Daughterly, her Intended, and me. And had a half-way decent supper. Because I've kind of had it with the plumbing right now.

Here's how the tub has looked since the fire, jutting out from a corner:

Here's where it is now:

It was amusing watching Dale and Cor lift it up there.

This is the general work area:

A closer look at the new pipes:
(Aren't you just thrilled?)

All of this, however, is not what I'm sick of. I discovered yesterday that there was no hot water (or very little) when there should have been, and checked the cellar. A pipe had ballooned and broken:

Investigation has shown that:
Many of those pipes were not right to begin with;
Apparently the relatively new hot water heater is not working correctly.

Today I replaced the hot water pipe in the cellar. Twice:

I discovered that there is no longer any way to turn down the heat on this thing. When the knob failed to work, I took it off, and turned it down with pliers. It still delivers boiling, and only boiling, water.

This thing is only about two years old, and cost about $500.00!

I expect the heat will quickly melt the new pipes, after burning several people. Then I'll have to replace them again.

Are we having fun yet?
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