Taro (mother2012) wrote,

The First Day; Chapter IV, Parts 1-3

In case you've missed it:

Parts 1-3 - But could this little man actually make a difference?

The second part of Chapter IV will probably take more than a week.


Disclaimers and Warnings


Prelude 1 - DomLijah
Prelude 2 - VigOrli

Chapter 1:

Part 1 - VigOrli
Part 2 - DomLijah
Part 3 - Viggo/Orlando (implied), Orlando/Kate, Billy/Ali (implied)
Part 4 - Dominic and Deborah
Part 5 - Karl, Dave, Miranda, Bernard and
Part 6 - Marilla

Chapter 2:

Part 1 - Sean and Christine Astin and
Part 2 - Viggo/Billy/Orlando

Part 3 - Elijah and Hannah
Part 4 - Orlando and Billy

Part 5 - The ocean was 150 miles away! Yet there it sat in the valley; roiling, pounding, sloshing around like an unbalanced dishpan.

Parts 6-10 -“We’re over what’s left of downtown San Francisco right now.”

Chapter 3:

Parts 1-4 -Something about the sunshine, the deep blue of the sky behind the pines - something about the depth of the forest and the curve of the hillside - something about the way the ground still trembled and the silence of the animals, pulled at her to come and explore. Before it was too late.

Parts 5-7 - It was over the following years of thinking about it, dwelling on the enormity of his childish stupidity, that he worked out that someone has to stay put so that the other one can find them.

Chapter 4:

Parts 1-3 - But could this little man actually make a difference?
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