Taro (mother2012) wrote,

This winter hates me.

I blew a fuse. The one the computer is on. (Well, circuit breaker.)

No prob. Turn everything back on. Mouse won't work.

Hmm... change port - no workee. Try on another computer - no problem. Try in the USB ports on the front instead of the back - nope.

Oh, and btw, neither will the printer. The USB ports don't work. At all.

Anybody ever hear of that? Any idea what to do about it?

I hauled out an ancient mouse, RS232 port. It would have worked, except that the left button didn't work at all. I spent an hour messing with that. Then went out to buy a new mouse.

I spent another hour on that! Few places carry any mouse except with a USB connection. Fortunately, Radio Shack had one with a PS2 adaptor. So I'm up and running. Just no printer. Or little USB drive. Or camera. Etc.

Sometime, I will have money enough to have it fixed.

Not *this* month!
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