Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Two ships in the night

This is not the post I was about to make, but my son just called with this little story.

He had called me earlier, to tell me that he couldn't go 'home' right now, because his cousin's wife had ruled that he couldn't be there when they weren't. So he was sitting in a Home Depot parking lot, doing nothing but calling me. He got upset, because of all he has lost, and after all he's built for himself, he's sitting there practically homeless, dependent on the thinning goodwill of others. I offered him my love and sympathy, and that's about all I have to give.

When he hung up, he noticed that a young woman in a nearby car was still there and had been for more than a half hour, and he just felt an urge to go talk with her. As he got close to the car, he could see she'd been crying, so he asked to compare stories with her.

She's 34, three years younger than him, and about to leave her 'husband' (they aren't legally married). She loves him, but he has five kids, all of whom live with them, and they don't respect her and she is allowed no authority over them.

(His story is that his wife had two sons and a nephew living with her over whom he had no authority and from whom he got no respect. That was why he left her in November.)

They sat and talked for a while, then he suggested a movie. They each drove their own vehicles, then sat and talked more until the movie started. They held each other all through the movie, talked some more, then each went home.

He said he doubts that he'll see her again, but it felt so good to just be held by someone. He wished the movie would never end.

I told him that's God's promise that things will get better for him. He just needs to hang in there.
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