Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Day Zero

No spoilers.

My preorder came in the mail today, and I could hardly wait for evening to watch it. For a low budget movie, it's really, really good. On the other hand, it's definitely a low budget movie. There's no time for the reshoots, the getting the scene just perfect, the exact voice inflection, etc. Nor were the lines anything outstandingly wonderful, although the story line lives up to it's promise.

But all of the actors are very good, and seemed to get better as they went along, which leads me to think that it was shot pretty well in order. (Oh and the little girl from Medium is a favorite of mine.)

Nice male parts on display. Some of the other two as well as Elijah. Remember the shot of him sitting at the typewriter in his shorts? In moving picture, you can see that he has those same wiry muscles in his legs as in his arms. No surprise.

Sometimes, in a movie like this, I don't think that Elijah's voice control is all that good. Sometimes he sounds like he's reading lines instead of acting. Don't rotten-tomato me. I blame it on the director.


There is just no one to compare in control of facial expression. No one. He uses a range here comparable to and maybe surpassing Frodo.

Also, I have a new appreciation for a Bow Flex.
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