Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Tarot Cards

Now that we have a working tub and shower (will wonders never cease?!), Mary has found me four muses for completing my cards, so that I'll get done in time, and so that they'll be 'right'. (Yes, real muses are real spirits!) They told her to pick figures from around the house to represent them, so that I would know what they are.

First is The Magician (a mage sculpture), who is inspiring me to fit the concepts together in the right way; to create the 'magic'. He's looking over my shoulder.

Second is The Elf (Haldir action figure) who is sending away all distractions. He's on top of the desk, firing his arrow away from me.

Third is Gollum (action figure), to help me get the negatives right. They are hard for me. He's draped over my monitor.

And last but far from least is Arwen charging toward Rivendell with Frodo. This is to remind me to hurry. That's sitting right in front of me, between by keyboard and monitor. If I'm not fast enough, this opportunity *will* slip away from me.

They must be helping. I made more progress yesterday than I have in any single day before since I started this. All of my resource keywords are in, and I have integrated the Theosophical Keys with Karl Jung's Psychotypes and Timothy Leary's Interpersonal Circle.

I hope to get up another post of The First Day on Tuesday, but only if I'm making enough progress with my cards.
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