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Hm, yeah, well, thought I'd mention that the tub and shower are now usable, freeing me to race down another pathway. Hm, did I say that before? Oh, well. Now I'm trying to get my Tarot cards presentable by June 12th to make a presentation and hope they sell. Not getting there fast enough, especially considering that I have to take a week off for MediaWest*Con. Wish I could skip it, but too many people are counting on me.

Complicating this is the fact that my computer burned out all it's USB ports one day a couple months ago, and while I was able to get around that with the mouse, I haven't been able to print. With all the files I'm juggling, that's a major handicap. So yesterday I installed a USB host adaptor with 4 ports. Plugs directly into the motherboard. Operation was successful, and the patient is recovering. Still don't have any sound though, and no idea why not. No time to go digging that up.

Anyhow, lack of ports is why there have been no bathroom pictures forthcoming, a situation I hope to remedy this week.

Sample of Tarot Book:

Wands are represented by the race of Hobbits. As with any race or species, there are a wide range of personalities, but Hobbits are uniquely happy. They love eating, drinking, and having a good time. They love farming and growing things; children as well as vegetables. In many ways, they are childlike themselves, which stems from their distrust of the strange and unseen.

They do not wish to challenge themselves beyond their respectable husbandry. They have no love of war or adventure, of kings and courts, of ambition or novelty. They create happiness rather than history.

Hobbits bring us kindness, a settled life, love, children, and abundance.


The journey of Frodo represents the Page in all of his forms. The irrepressible young Hobbit yearns after the greater world and seeks to become one with it. As his knowledge increases, he becomes aware of what service the world needs of him. With noble courage he undertakes hard service, and in doing so prepares Middle Earth for a higher age. His own destiny is never realized - he is forever the Youth; rebellious, idealistic, and untarnished.
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