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Taro Card (un)progress


My 'manager' was stretching things just a bit. Not drastically, I suppose, but he threw me into both panic and false hope totally unnecessarily.

Turns out I *never* had a tentative date to make a presentation of the Tarot cards to New Line. (Although they were, indeed, interested.) He was told up front, months ago, that Ms.Goodman's office would not be able to handle any further LotR merchandise.

So now, instead of having interest in New York City, I have to deal with disinterest in LA.

Not very promising.

He *did* come through with an agent, though, from Creative Artists, which (according to him) is the top agency. They don't usually deal with written material, but since it has to do with movie rights, this guy will look at it. I have to send him some info today to convince him that it's worth his time.

Ho hum. Good thing I wasn't counting any of those chickens. one, two, three, ...

We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming. Like doing dishes, sorting books, finishing the bathroom, maybe posting once in a while, and - hey! - possibly even finishing The Last Day!
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