Taro (mother2012) wrote,

I got a daisy! I got a daisy!

I'm going to add it to this little vase of special flowers.

These flowers are from our Flower Communion at church this last Sunday. We always have Flower Communion the Sunday before Pride.

Everyone brings whatever blossoms they have from their own yard, and then everyone gets some other flower(s) to take home with them. I got the pretty little white bells and the buttercup, then added my own pansies from the front yard. If you don't know what the daisy is from, then never mind - it isn't important to you.

So while I'm at it (now that I have the camera out and can actually download my pictures because I now have USB ports!), I thought I'd show you my front yard this spring. This is a collage of 5 pictures taken 3 weeks apart - it doesn't really look quite like that. The sidewalk and daffodills in the front are really out by the road behind the bushes, and the bright yellow forsythia on the left is really back against the house.

Tags: garden
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