Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Mark and Peter

There are three gay (male) couples in our church, that I know of. The pair who is over 40 I have spoken with several times. Another pair is probably in their 30's. The couple who is probably in their late 20's sat in front of me today.

They remind me of the phrase I've heard used to refer to the way Dom and Elijah behave when they are seen together - The Dom and Lijah Show: They look at each other, whisper back and forth, stand next to each other, touch affectionately when they think it's not too obvious.

These two, Mark and Peter, kept reminding me of this. I've noticed them before, but never sat directly behind them. They are both of medium height, Italian or predominantly so - black hair, fairly good looking - and they both must work out because they have that 'broad at the shoulder, narrow at the hip' physique that doesn't come with a desk job. Okay, physically, they would not remind anyone of Dom or Elijah.

But shortly after sitting down, Peter's arm is around Mark. All through the preliminaries they are whispering back and forth. They stand up for a hymn and stand closer than my husband and I, and when they sit back down Mark's arm is around Peter. After the service, they do a lot of mixing, but they don't separate to do that. They are always together.

I spoke to them today. (You might think "Well, Duh", but I am not much of a conversationalist in person.) I just said that I wanted to mention how close they seemed, and how nice it was to see that. Mark grabbed the conversational ball, introduced himself, asked about me; Peter picked up the conversation - in other words, that same friendly, glad-to-know-you, personal attention that 'our boys' reportedly give. I had a hard time not obviously squeeing.

Incidentally, Peter lived in LA three years ago and had a very successful DJ business. Worked for (insert name - he mentioned a lot that I recognize), but sadly not Elijah. Came here when his sister was dying and met Mark. I told them that with a magnetism like they seem to have between them, I didn't think that chance had anything to do with it. They quite obviously agreed.
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