Taro (mother2012) wrote,

The Fire - Update

I suppose I could jot down my present status. For my own future information, if not for the knowledge and edification of on-line friends.

The apartment is comfortable. I spent nearly a thousand on cabinets, counters, plaster and paint. And Contac paper. It's easier and cheaper than wall paper, and I wanted something 'exciting' in the kitchen. So I have two marble patterns, one in black/grey in the kitchen half and one in white/grey in the dining half. Put black handles on all the white cabinets, and it looks quite sharp. Moved in a small amount of furniture - the dining room table and china cabinet I've painted white with grey and pink. Painted the chairs white too, and recovered the seats with black vinyl.

Got three computers in the smallest 'bedroom' and Dale's computer takes up the living room. He has to be able to see the TV while doing his e-mail. I prefer quiet. Not that it's quiet in here. Running commentary from Raederle about the game she's playing, and frequent requests for homework help.

Our bedroom leaves about one foot one each side of the bed once the dressers are in there. Very few of our clothes, proportionately. I'm still wearing what I took to California.

The insurance is going to pay for damage to the house. Sometime. They will send me a third at a time, followed by inspections. And I have to keep receipts. I've been through that kind of proceedure before. Better than wasting money on hiring contractors. Their modus operendi is "How much money do you have? What a coincidence. That's exactly how much it's going to cost." (Believe me I know. I've done that work myself.)

At this point there is STILL no electricity. The city inspector can't seem to figure out how to turn the report in to the electric company in such a way that they can accept it. This Monday he said he now has all the details. They still don't have the report, however. Six weeks since he inspected the house.

I'm tired of it. I'm tired of picking through wet rotting papers in a dark house where the damp seeps into my arthritic bones. I'm tired of putting work and enthusiasm into an apartment I'm going to be in only another four months.


Or back to California.
Tags: house
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