Taro (mother2012) wrote,

There's more to the election than Obama v McCain ...

From my flist:

"Darcy Burner, a democratic candidate for the house of representative from the state of Washington lost her entire house in a fire Tuesday morning. Luckily her entire family and dog escape unharmed (awoken by their 5 year old). I bring this up because she's in the middle of a tight campaign and needs to raise $150,000 to keep track with her opponent (she ran against him in 2006, and just barely lost). I don't normally get into politics much but Darcy Burner is a geek and progressive, she's a former microsoft exec who has been against the war in Iraq and the recent FISA legislation. We all know the politicans put on a front when appealing to voters, but look at what she was wearing as she fled from her home:


She's lost everything, and still she says "it's just stuff". She's a neat woman with a great spirit and if you are interested in helping her campaign I encourage you to spread the word and donate to her actblue page. In this election it's easy to concentrate on the the presidential contest and forget that there are a lot of great people running for Congress as well."
Tags: political
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