Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Yes, it is indeed summer ...

It's been an odd year, back and forth between spring-y cold rain and hot/dry, but I suspect that summer is here in earnest now. It is at last weather for beaches, picnics and walks in streams. It is *not* weather for carpentry. Guess which I'm doing?

After a cold lunch of refrigerated corn-on-the-cob and V8 juice, I shall return to plastering, sanding, and painting. At least the sweets tempt me less, because I know they'll raise my body temperature.

First, I needed light inside what will be very small, narrow spaces. I decided to go the expensive, 'easy' way, instead of putting the wiring behind the ceiling.
Beginning the wiring:

Completed wiring:

I'm starting with 4 sheets of 4 x 8 x 3/4 inch plywood. No, I cannot lift one by myself. Two of them will form the 'walls' of the bookshelves, the other two are sliced into standards and shelves:

Me, painting: (I hate painting ...)

4 sheets of plywood in various stages of plaster and paint:
Tags: shelves
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