Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Another day is through ...

The driveway beside the house gets morning sun. It doesn't begin to be shaded until after 2:00 this time of year. Since I was picking up Hubby at 5:00, I decided to wait until evening to work on the boards outside. Took my caffiene pill at 6:00.

Three hours is definitely my limit!

The only thing I accomplished in that time was plastering. Now let me explain that.

We had primed them all last Saturday. I had help, so we just slathered them with primer, and let it go at that. Then it rained on them, but since they were primed, it wasn't too bad. Then on Monday, I had help and I just turned him loose with a paintbrush and the flat wall paint I intend to use on them. Well, got one side done anyway. Then I really looked at them.

It's just cheap plywood. (Define cheap: the least pricey I can find.) They're supposed to be 'good one side'; the other side doesn't even pretend. When you're painting it with high gloss paint, that doesn't matter so much. But I want these to blend in with the walls. In fact, the back of one of them will *be* a wall of the living room.

How to make it smooth like drywall? Plaster it like drywall. So that's what I've been doing tonight. The roughest side of the full sheets I did the best job on, and that will be the living room wall. Then I did a pretty good job on the rough side of the other sheet, and a really good job on the side of the standards that faces into the living room. Then sanded all. I think I did pretty good in three hours.

Especially when you consider the set up and take down: haul out two saw horses, two step ladders, the extension cord, the sander and all it's equipment, the plaster and all it's periphernalia. When done, haul it all back inside AND put the boards all together and cover them tightly with plastic so that they won't get wet if when it rains.

*grumble* Haven't read my flist in 6 days. Off to bed very soon.
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