Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Are we having fun yet?

It goes something like this:

Husband: I've been sick all weekend; I think I have strep. See if you can get me a doctor appointment tomorrow.

Me: If you have strep, I do too. I have a sore throat and don't feel well. Guess I should get to bed early.

Phone: Help!!! I'm stuck out in Lewiston (25 miles) and the car won't start.

Me: And this is my problem how, exactly?

Phone: Yours is the only phone number I remember.

Me: Don't you have numbers in your cell phone?

Phone: I didn't bring it with me.

Me: Here's Karen's number. I'm sick. I'm going to bed.

Now it goes is like this: phone call is from Karen's roommate, who drives Karen to work. She's *not* supposed to be driving *my* van all over kingdom come.

My van? Why, yes it is. Or, no it isn't. Take your pick. I bought it from Karen and put it back on the road, because she can't remember to pay the car insurance, and guess who gets stuck taking her to work? So the van is mine, being driven by Shirley to get Karen to work and back.

And yes, the problems with the system are becomming more and more obvious. I have now threatened Shirley with her life if she takes that vehicle out of Buffalo again.

An hour later, I'm about to get into bed.

Phone: Karen isn't answering. I need you to go there and tell her what's happening. Rick (nice man across the street who attempts to keep the van running) needs to come out here, because he didn't fix the starter right.

Me: Do I have a choice?

Phone: They're threatening to tow it away.

Now guess who gets to pay the fine if the authorities tow it away? The owner of record of course. Which would be me.

So I go across town and roust out Karen and Rick. Rick has no way to get there, but for Karen's sake he's willing to go if I drive him. So Rick and his friend get in my car and we drive to Lewiston. All the way there, Rick tells me how Shirley was told not to drive it very far because it would overheat because he doesn't have the time/money/parts to fix it right.

But Shirley thought that since that was two days ago, it should be all right now. To drive it 25 miles (each way) to buy discounted cigarettes.


And sure enough, the engine has seized. Don't know whether or not it is salvageble. There is some hope that it can be fixed. Without it, Karen can't go anywhere, such as to work.

Shirley is crying. "People shouldn't be yelling at me! I didn't know!

In all fairness to Shirley, she *didn't* know. She is not bright.

I use my AAA (Hey, it's *my* van), but I never got around to the upgrade I was going to do, so we couldn't have it towed all the way home. Basic only tows 5 miles. After that, it's $3.50 per mile. Multiply that by 20 miles.

This morning, we scrape up money (mostly mine, also Karen's); I attempt to employ a doctor (hey, emergency? You're not *my* patient!) (Dale says, nevermind, I hate doctors), then go back out to Lewiston, call AAA, sit around and wait for it, nice man tows van back to Rick's house, just in time for me to get downtown to pick up (sick) hubby from work.

Pull in to curb. *Thank God. I'm through this day.* **squeeeeel**

Hit curb. Broke stem off tire. Instant flat.

(I have, of course, left out most of the details.)

Can we restart this game about 3 days ago?
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