Taro (mother2012) wrote,

Law v Policy

While I have never favored McCain for president, I have thought all along that he was basically a nice guy.

I no longer think that.

I haven't sat down and watched every detail of this campaign season like my husband has, but I watched the debate on Friday. I can't think of an expression that epitomizes my disgust.

From my perspective, instead of actually *saying* anything, McCain only used every opportunity to attack what Obama said.

In retrospect, the entire campaign has been that way, since Obama got the nomination. I have noticed that he is far more reluctant to attack McCain personally than McCain is to attack him. Obama is on the defensive all the time, trying to set the record straight.

My interpretation of how it went:

Obama: This is what I think we should do and why.
McCain: This tiny little wording you used is so bad for the country. I would make sure that ...
Obama: That is not what I said.

I realize that's what Senators *do* - each nuance of a proposed law has to be carefully examined so that it can't be misinterpreted by some slick lawyer.

But they're running for president, not senator!!!!

We want a president to govern, not embroil himself in nit-picking details. That's the bailiwick of the Congress.

McCain, with his patronizing half-smile, his errors of grammar and of facts, his forgetting of just exactly what it is he's supposed to be saying, his occasional bursts of temper, and his entire focus of "I'm the only one who can fix what's wrong" is looking more and more like a Bush clone.

While Obama is looking more and more presidential, with his unflappability, his ethics, his intelligence, his passion, his confidence, his knowledge of world affairs and just exactly what his own stance is as well as what his own speech is about.
Tags: political
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