Taro (mother2012) wrote,

It's been a busy week chez West. We had an internet friend of Daughter here for a week, from late Tuesday the 23rd until two days ago. She's barely 16 and Daughterly is almost 19, but Raederle says, "She reminds me of *me* at that age."

Angel is an Apache indian from a reservation in Arizona. I wouldn't say she's underprivileged, but she hasn't had much, and like much of Arizona, there hasn't been much available. There are no towns on her reservation, and the only school is run by Mormons. (The Mormons are good-hearted people, don't get me wrong, but their motivation is always suspect.) It's also quite a ways away, so Angel studies at home. I find her intelligent and thoughtful.

We *did* have a bit of a time convincing her family that we weren't child-molesters waiting to get our hands on a young girl, but after a few phone conversations, they decided to trust us.

We had a great time. I figured that, since she was here and probably wouldn't have such experience again any time soon, I should expose her to as much as possible. On Wednesday, we went to Niagara Falls (since Daughter's boyfriend, Cor, has off work that day); on Thursday the two of them hung out with friends in Delaware Park (huge park in the middle of Buffalo), Saturday Hubby ad I took them to Marineland, and on Sunday he took them (and Cor) to Howe Cavern near Albany (a 5-hour drive) where they also went to the Iroquois Indian museum. Then on Monday, we drove down to the Seneca reservation about 30 miles from us. Mostly we just talked with someone there, but I wanted to give Angel a perspective on what the indians *here* are doing.

For the rest of the pictures, you can go to my Picassa site. Unfortunately, you have to sign up for Picassa in order to use it, but it's quite painless and free. Once I was 'forced' to sign up, I've found it useful - a natural extension of my gmail and GoogleDocs, both of which I like a lot. If you do go there, notice that there's a slider bar near the top and sort of to the right. That allows you to change the size of the thumbnails, so that you can see them a pretty decent size without clicking each one.

The reservation pics aren't up yet. I might get to it today. Those from Niagara Falls and Marineland are there. Feel free to add comments if you wish.
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